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AceKard 2 4.22 menu

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AceKard 2 4.23 menu
AceKard 2 v4.22 (27th-04-2010):

This special version of Acekard menu is only made for some certain AK2 but not for AK2i.
Some AK2 will have black screen when run some certain games and it's caused by A chip which was used in a different batch. This special version had made compatibled with it.
Please make sure you've backuped all your contents in your Micro SD card and then format it with the default parameter of FAT32 before you useing this special version.

Please be attention that, 1) If your AK2 has NO any issues please do not use this version. 2)There're only a few AK2 has this issue and we already adjust our production as soon as we found the issue. AK2i has no same issue. Please feel confident to buy any of our Acekard productions.

Change log (4.22 menu):
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