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AceKard 2 4.07a13 menu

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AceKard 2 4.23 menu
Acekard2 firmware 4.07a13 released (3rd-05-2008):

Fixed the white screen issue of 2110.
Fixed "custom text" and "custom picture" in custom.ini in folder ui. You can config your own text and picture. The format of path of the picture is file = fat0:/__ak2/ui/my_pic.bmp. Please use BMP555.
Please downlod it here.

修正了ui目录中custom.ini的配置内容。现在可以使用custom text和custom picture来设置自己的图片和文字。图片的路径格式为:file = fat0:/__ak2/ui/my_pic.bmp。请使用555格式的bmp图片。

Change log (4.07a13 menu):
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