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Ace3ds new kernel Released 1.14

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Ace3ds V1.14 Released - 20.9-2011
1.Improve the UI.
2.Fixed some system bugs.
3.Updated the game database to [5822 - Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (KOR)]

Ace3ds offical site:

Change log (1.14 ):
How to use Ace3ds flashcard on your DSi V1.43 or 3DS V2.1.0-4

1. Download the latest Ace3ds firmware from here: Ace3ds firmware
2. Extract the Rar file and you will get the fiimware folder, open the folder.
3. Put all the files in the root of your SD card and insert the SD card into your Ac33ds flashcard.
4. Put your Ace3ds card into your DS/DSi or 3DS console,power on!
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