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ZXDS v0.8.0 beta

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ZXDS 1.3.3
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+ TR-DOS emulation, allowing loading of TRD/SCL disks (including autoboot).
+ For/next loops in TZX files are now supported.
+ Screenshot support, for SCR/BMP saving and SCR loading.
+ Color/grayscale palette toggle for more nostalgic look.
+ Mode for black and white display of ink/paper only, without attributes.
+ AY ACB and ABC stereo modes and narrow/wide stereo separation.
+ Choice of three relative AY and speaker volume levels.
* Changed AY volume tables to match the real machine more closely.
* Implemented fake low-pass AY filter to avoid aliasing issues in some tunes.
* Fixed setting of AY envelope register even if it doesn't change, fixes few sound effects.
* Fixed sound clamping when all channels played at full volume and speaker was off.
* Few other subtle changes (initial config autosave, even more safe shutdown).

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