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ThomDS 3.0

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Thomson MO5 emulator for the DS.

V2.0 : 04/01/2009
* Graphic mode with alpha lerp to improve display
* Update intro like my others emulators
* Now use standard FAT and DLDI library
* File sorting and upgrade list to 512 files
* Add sending of game compatibility with wifi
* Improve buzzer emulation (try Vox synthesis software to see that ^^)
* Improve speed display (direct access to vram and assembly use)
* THOMDS directory is no longer mandatory, files can be where you want
* Add MO5 save state (load/save state) with 999 files per tape
* Add tape cursor move
* Stylus mode with R & L
* Improve stylus management on screen
* DS Sleep mode management (a closed lid pauses thomDS running)

Change log (3.0):
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