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PokeMini 0.5.3

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Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini.

The new version of the emulator (starting 0.4.x) was designed to have compatibility over performance, no real optimizations will be started until it emulate the system extremely well.

Please note that the emulator still in alpha phase.

Change log (0.5.3):
-Fixed command-line parsing which caused problems with lastest GCC
-Directory '.' no longer listed
-Configurations now save the directory of the last ROM loaded
-Improved support on color PRC (now works on framebuffer and LCD)

Dreamcast Only:
- Added read/write VMU support
- EEPROM write disabled by default

Debugger Only:
- Fixed "Add watchpoint at..." in Memory Viewer
- Added symbols list window
- Added run trace window
- Added "Go to cartridge IRQ" with ability to decode the address
- Middle and Right click now set breakpoint/watchpoint
- Go to address/IRQ now highlight the location
- Added autorun .min after load
- Fixed offset of CE jump instructions

NDS Only:
- Removed real battery status
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