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no$gba 2.8b

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An older DS emulator but it can still run several roms and is compatible with a lot of memory viewers used in cheat making.
Also known as for the first rate hardware documentation for the GBA and DS.


Change log (2.8b):
01 Jun 2015 - version 2.8b
- dsi/boot: runs eMMC bootcode (see new "DSi Emulation" chapter in help text)
- dsi/cartloader: allows secure area above 23bfe00h limit (for dsiware only)
- dsi/wifi: loads WIFI-DSI.BIN file (else auto-generates dummy wifi calibration)
- dsi/boot: copies dsi-bios keys to tcm/wram, and console IDs to AES keyslots
- dsi/help: added notes on initial itch/wram/aes content after bios-rom-bootcode
- dsi/debug: displays all known dsi registers in f10-iomap (except cam/tsc)
- dsi/camera: prevents ndma if camera=off, prevents hang-up upon infinite ndma
- dsi/aes: bugfixed handling of aes-irq-enable-bit
- dsi/sdmmc: eMMC command support (CMD2,CMD7,CMD9,CMD10,CMD12,CMD13,CMD18)
- hwreset: initializes [curr_clks_segment]=-1=none (fixes initial arm7bios clks)
- hwreset: cleaned up init on reset (among others forced arm9-then-arm7 order)
- dsi/ndma: supports timer0-3, filldatap, fixed irq details, fixed total limit
- dsi/ndma/help: details on ndma irq(s), ndma total length, and ndma filldata
- dsi/gamecart: supports dsi-blowfish encrypted commands (requires dsi bios)
- dsi/gamecart: supports command 3dh (enter dsi mode, with dsi secure area)
- dsi/gamecart: supports reset via 40001A4h.bit29=0 on DSi7 side (not tested)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports SDIO commands, ie. ignores them and throws some error bits
- dsi/memory: better MBK1..9 initializion on reset, added partial MBK9 support
- dsi/aes/dma: supports AES_in and AES_out NDMA transfer startup modes
- dsi/sdmmc/help: renamed nonsense "SEND" command names to "GET" or "SET"
- dsi/sdmmc/debug: optionally logs sdmmc CMD/param's in tty debug log window
- dsi/sdmmc: loads sector data from mmc-image file (for sdmmc read command)
- dsi/sdmmc: obtains CID and CPU ID from mmc-image file (per-console IDs)
- dsi/sdmmc: initializes sdmmc port 4004800-4004BFFh with some (guessed) values
- arm/help: fixed "cache debug" numbering: p15,3,C15,Cn,0 (not p15,3,C15,C0,n)
- layer setup: gouraud shading disable (force all vertices same as 1st color)
- dsi/help: added info on DSiware files on internal eMMC and on software updates
- nds/dsi/help: added details header[1Dh]=ds region, and on korean icon/title
- dsi/help: added details on animated icon/title
- poc: more accurate "garbage_byte" for memory areas without 8bit read access
- poc: fixed several details in pocketstation bios clone
- poc: better timing (freshen_waitcnt, ram/flash wait, 16bit/32bit bus, cpu clk)
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