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no$gba 2.8a

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no$gba 2.8b
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An older DS emulator but it can still run several roms and is compatible with a lot of memory viewers used in cheat making.
Also known as for the first rate hardware documentation for the GBA and DS.

Change log (2.8a):
03 May 2015 - version 2.8a
- dsi/help: added little-endian AES pseudo code with double-checked test values
- dsi/files/help: added camera pit.bin and jpec/exif specs (unknown signature)
- dsi/files/help: added TWLFontTable.dat specs (with unknown compression)
- dsi/files/help: added specs/compression for "wifi firmware" (unknown purpose)
- dsi/files/help: added specs for TWLCFGn.dat (user settings) (as far as known)
- dsi/files/help: added specs for misc files and log files
- dsi/files/help: more details for "tad" files (sd card .bin) and for HNB_.lst
- dsi/files/help: added partial specs on certificate and whitelist stuff
- dsi/help: notes on emmc decryption being possible for boot code and partitions
- dsi/mem/help: added info on various main ram regions (2FFxxxxh and 2000400h)
- debug: filesystem viewer: allows to view eMMC partition trees (like NDS carts)
- debug: filesystem viewer: double click saves selected file (to fixed filename)
- dsi/help: specs for eMMC images ("DSi-#.mmc" with "DSi eMMC CID/CPU" footer)
- gaming version: fixed crash when starting emu without cartridge in nds mode
- debug version: fixed messed intro screen when booting without cart in nds mode
- nds/3d/help: added note on invalid gx commands being ignored by hardware
- nds/3d: made 'invalid gx command' warning optional (as part of bad io warning)
- gba/help: updated gba/thumb open-bus specs in unpredictable things chapter
- gba/emu: better prefetch for reads from unused memory by code in WRAM/OAM/BIOS
- dsi/help: added summary (and complete list) of files/folders on SD/MMC storage
- layer setup: allows to disable video layers, 3d effects, and 3d hide tests
- layer setup: allows to disable nds sound channels, and separate sound formats
- gba/bios-clone: swi cpufastset length rounded-up to n*8 words (thanks ricardo)
- nds/auxspi: forces spi-busy bit (and unused bits) to zero (thanks Frederic)
- setup: added "setup_nds_system" in gaming version, too (thanks Kokoji)
- setup: fixed some crashes on gba/nds/dsi mode changes (mainly tty-related)
- dsi/help: added MBR, VBR, FAT, and LFN specs to SD/MMC filesystem chapters
- dsi/help: added console id chapter (cid, 4004d00h, barcode, mac, wfc id)
- dsi/help: added AES ndma notes (block size, start-ndma before starting aes)
- dsi/aes: emulates aes-io-ports, and aes-irq (no aes-dma yet though)
- dsi/aes: ported AES functions to native DSi-style little-endian format
- dsi/help: updated AES i/o port chapter (many details, additions, corrections)
- dsi/help: discovered eMMC 120bit CID value (at 2FFD7BCh in main ram)
- dsi/cartbooter: allows dsiware/system code to exceed 4MB (unlike ROM carts)
- gui: help-engine on win95/winNT4: forces IDC_ARROW (instead of IDC_HAND)
- gui: uses GetScrollInfo/SetScrollInfo in help-engine (except for win31...?)
- dsi/help: identified AIC3000D as TSC2117, added lots of specs from datasheet
- debug: added SPI logging option (in TTY window) (cart, powerman, flash, tsc)
- dsibrew: updated the NUS Downloader/database page (some additions/corrections)
- dsi/help: added note on teak being actually used (by two system utilities)
- dsi/cartloader: added ".app" to standard extensions (for nus downloader files)
- dsi/help: added more cart header details (region flags, system/dsiware flags)
- dsi: emulates dsipstat.bit6=1 (lcd init ready) (needed for dsi system menu)
- nds/dsi: allows writing dispstat.bit7 (MSB of 9bit LYC) (unlike 8bit gba LYC)
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