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no$gba 2.7d

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no$gba 2.8b
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An older DS emulator but it can still run several roms and is compatible with a lot of memory viewers used in cheat making.
Also known as for the first rate hardware documentation for the GBA and DS.

Change log (2.7d):
09 Nov 2014 - version 2.7d
- nds-mode-option: added poppy nds-lite mode, and new (experimental) dsi mode
- gba-mode-option: renamed poppy bright color option to poppy nds-lite colors
- dsi/bios-clone: supports SHA1 swi functions via 80x86 code (swi 24h..29h)
- cpu/swi: allows executing buggy System Flaw SWI number, when warnings disabled
- dsi/help: added chipset pin-outs (cpu/ram/nand/snd/tsc/rtc/led/pwr/vol/etc)
- dsi/help: added pin-outs for all internal connectors on DSi main+dpad boards
- dsi/help: added dsi component lists for mainboard, wifi, battery, etc.
- dsi/help: warning on AES little-endian (ctr,mac,key, and 16-byte-xor-blocks)
- dsi/help: added details about modcrypt and AES special key_x/key_y feature
- dsi/emu: supports new shared-ram mapping (wram-a,b,c) in emu and debugger
- dsi/help: added sd/mmc pinouts, card shapes, and onboard NAND-solder pads
- dsi/help: added notes on DSi memory map (with extra Main RAM and WRAM regions)
- dsi/help: merged DSi7 and DSi9 BIOS chapters with overall BIOS descriptions
- dsi/help: added notes on DSi7 and DSi9 IntrWait/VblankIntrWait BIOS bugs
- dsi/help: added partial I/O maps for SD/NAND (based on linux "tmio_mmc" code)
- dsi/debug: resolves DSi I/O area 4004xxxh in debugger's code/data windows
- dsi/emu: added support for new I/O areas at 4004xxxh on ARM7 and ARM9 sides
- dsi/boot: loads ARM7i and ARM9i areas as specified in DSi cartridge header
- dsi/boot: loads DSi cartheader to 2FFE000h (instead of NDS header to 27FFE00h)
- dsi/boot: cartloader resolves modcrypt areas (within @@load_block function)
- dsi/emu: added provisions for new interrupt sources (IE2/IF2 registers)
- dsi/debug: disassembler resolves swi names for DSi7/DSi9 bios functions
- dsi/a22i: computes extended icon/title crc16's (on ".fix" and icon_version)
- dsi/a22i: fixes sha1's and applies modcrypt (on ".dsi" plus ".fix" directive)
- dsi/a22i: added ".dsi" directive (produces binary with .dsi extension)
- dsi/emu: implemented AES in 8086 asm (not mounted to DSi I/O emulation yet)
- dsi/help: added notes on extended icon/title (new unknown language, new icon)
- dsi/help: added SHA1 and SHA1-HMAC pseudo code (in BIOS swi chapter)
- dsi/help: added AES pseudo code (core, key, tables, and AES-CNT and AES-CTR)
- poc/bios: avoids unsupported 8086-bios irq/fiq/swi emulation (always use bios)
- dsi/help: added info on blowfish differences (cmd 3Dh, level=1, dsi-key)
- dsi/help: added info on additional known/unknown dsi cartridge header entries
- dsi/help: added BIOS dumping chapter (info on what is dumpable on gba/ds/dsi)
- xboo: added dsi cartridge dumping function (requires dsi7bios and nds-xboo)
- xboo: allows downloading NDS cart when GBA slot empty (txt_cartridge_missing)
- mem: faster gba slot access right changes (faster exmemcnt with new memsystem)
- web/donations: added bitcoin and classic bank details (instead of paypal)
- web: released pixel-edited dsi mainboard photo with signal names; twl_core.jpg
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