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NesDS MOD 12/15/07

a mod of the original source which maps some of the touch screen only controls to dpad+button combinations.

The L/R keys have been disabled by default. You can re-enable them using the touch screen menu. (I always accidentally nudge these.)

The rom loader defaults to 'ROMS' instead of the root directory.

To change this behavior:
1. Extract nesDS.exe, nesDS.nds, and nesDSns.nds.
2. Run nesDS.exe and enter a default rom directory.

This will patch the default rom directory for both of the nds files. nesDS.nds has the shoulder buttons enabled by default and nesDSns.nds does not.

A few additional hot keys have been added:
Load State - Select+Up
Save State - Select+Down
Save SRAM - Select+Left
Reset NES - Start+Select (back to selection screen)

Change log ():
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