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nesDS 1.2b

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nesDS 1.3b_fixed
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NesDS is a NES emulator for the Nintendo DS, it was developed using toolchain devkitARM. We spent a few weeks to port the original nesDS project to the GCC toolchain. Then we made a new EX Edition, and made it possible to emulate the the NES/FC games that the original nesDS didn't work well. Since the 0.40 version, I ported the code of EX Edition to the original nesDS, now it is the best nes-emulator~!

Original nesDS team
Dwedit (pocketnesgcc)

ported to gcc by minitroopa
EX Edition made by huiminghao

Change log (1.2b):
vcr6 sound channel for mapper24 and mapper26 is added.
a sound reset button is added to menu>settings>config, which is used when the sound goes bad, when close and open the DS, this is probably needed.
Mapper253 is added.
fds saving is disabled when the game is not a fds.
CRITICAL NOTE: the sound rendering has almost reached the ability of arm7, so ..... the arm7 will auto detect the IF, by which to fix the mess of sound.
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