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nesDS 0.44b

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nesDS 1.3b_fixed
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nesDS, using toolchain devkitARM.
We spent a few weeks to port the original nesDS project to the GCC toolchain. Then we made a new EX Edition, and made it possible to emulate the the NES/FC games that the original nesDS didn't work well.
Since the 0.40 version, I ported the code of EX Edition to the original nesDS, now it is the best nes-emulator~!

Original nesDS team
Dwedit (pocketnesgcc)

ported to gcc by minitroopa
EX Edition made by huiminghao

Change log (0.44b):
Since the nesDS file is larger, this version is NOT recommended for those who just want to play nes games.
Port the whole project to devkitPro, using libnds, libfat....
Almost no update, but some figures may be worse. e.g. sound with the games that read reg4015. Some games' sounds work better... - -!
You guys can try 'Start+Select+R+L' to exit your nesDS and return to the main menu of flash-card. On mine, it just shotdown my DS(R4SDHC with kernel1.34, no help with moonshell2 either).
Since this version, the mem region cannot be accessed freely, be careful if anyone wants to write a patch.
The libnds and libfat are too big... 128k around. Shit that!
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