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nesDS 0.30

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nesDS 1.3b_fixed
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nesDS EX Edition, using toolchain devkitARM.
We spent a few weeks to port the original nesDS project to the GCC toolchain. Then we made a new EX Edition, and
made it possible to emulate the the NES/FC games that the origianl nesDS didn't work well.
The original nesDS uses the NDS Video hardware the emulate the NES/FC's, so it has a good speed.
The Ex Edtion uses software to render the graphic of NES/FC, and the speed and sound not better than before.

The EX Edition is very nice, because we combine the two versions in to one NDS ROM, so we can enjoy boths.

Q: When to use EX Edition?
A: If the games you want to play works well on the original nesDS, then you have no need to use the EX Edition.
If not, then you can have a try with the EX Edition. If you want to know the figures of the EX Edition,
view the UPDATES.


All other functionality should be identical to the original. nesDS inputs now work properly on
emulators. You can run the nesDS on ideas by DLDI patching it with the R4 dldi patch using
dlditool. You must then enable DLDI support for R4 under File->Properties. You can also run nesDS
on desmume but you will need to create a filesystem image from some files and embed the files to
the emulator (you need to use fcsr for this).


Original nesDS team
Dwedit (pocketnesgcc)

ported to gcc by minitroopa
EX Edition made by huiminghao

Change log (0.30):
All the rendering sections has been re-written. Uses the NDS hardware to emu the NES graphic. Much better speed and sound.
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