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NeonDS 0.1.1

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Nintendo DS Emulator

NDS BIOS files are no longer required for running games in version 0.1.0. There are still some BIOS functions not emulated, but I didn't find games calling these functions. If you encounter "und" error like the following picture shows, please send an email to me to let me know, because it is probably caused by un-emulated BIOS functions. Thanks.

Most of the 2D graphic features are already emulated in version 0.1.0. Next I'll start working on implement 3D graphic features.

Version 0.1.0 ChangeLog

Emulate BIOS functions
Implement 2D background rotate and scale
Implement bitmap mode background and sprite
Optimize 2D window handling
Optimize mmu implementation

Change log (0.1.1):
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