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MegaZeux DS 10/7/09

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This is a port of MegaZeux to the Nintendo DS. Extract it to the root of your flash card so the files are in /games/megazeux. Apply the appropriate DLDI patch.

Because of the small amount of main memory on the DS, a SLOT-2 device with extra memory (e.g. SuperCard) is recommended. Without it, large game worlds will run out of memory.

Once the game loads, the top screen shows a zoomed-in portion of the screen, and the bottom screen shows the entire screen scaled to fit. The stylus can be used to perform mouse clicks and pan around the top screen. Use the right trigger to toggle a software keyboard.

D-PAD = movement (arrow keys)
A + D-PAD = shoot in this direction
B = enter
X = save game
Y = load game
START = p (i.e. P to Play in the title screen)
SELECT = escape
R TRIGGER = toggle keyboard

Change log (10/7/09):
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