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GameYob 0.5

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GameYob 0.5.2
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GameYob is an open-source gameboy emulator for the DS. It has excellent compatibility and speed, and runs many games flawlessly. Notably, it can use the Gameboy Color bios to colorize pre-color games, just like on a real gameboy.

Change log (0.5):
- Added Gameboy Printer emulation
- Added GBS playback feature
- Added "scale" button
- Semi-overhauled menu: now colorized, and does not interrupt emulation.
- Improved Super Gameboy emulation
- Selectable custom borders
- Reduced autosaving lag (results may vary between flashcards and SD cards)
- Implemented the halt bug (fixes The Smurfs)
- Wram register has unused bits set (fixes Metal Gear Solid)
- More fixes to emulation accuracy, sound, etc
- Stability fixes (most notably for sleep mode), many other minor bugfixes
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