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DSMS 0.2

Use the DSMS.EXE program to generate the DS ROM.

MODE = 0 -> MasterSystem
= 1 -> GameGear
The output .NDS is also converted to .GBA to run with flashcards

DPAD = MasterSystem/GameGear DPAD
A/B = MasterSystem/GameGear buttons
Start = MasterSystem pause button, GameGear start button
Select = MasterSystem reset button
L+R = Emulator reset

Current status:
Z80 CPU: 100%
VDP GPU: ~80%
Missing things/To do list:
- Background priority
- Vertical Scroll Inhibit (r0 b7)
- Horizontal Scroll Inhibit (r0 b6)
- Sprite shift (r0 b3)
- Border color now is taken from palette 0, and should be from 1 (r7)
- HBLANK interrupt (r10)
- Fix some random sprites bugs
PSG SOUND (SN76489): 100% with a lot of noise
FM SOUND (YM2413): 0%

Change log (0.2):
0.2: NeoFlash compo version (public)
- Changed to mode 0
- Sprites and background using DS hardware sprites/background
- Added PSG sound

0.1: First version (private)
- All graphics using bitmap mode 5
- No sound
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