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DSFrotz 2.0 beta1

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DS-Frotz is the port of Stefan Jokisch and David Griffith's Frotz, based on the GBA version from Jonas Minnberg. It can play the majority of Inform files in z3, z5 or z8 format (up to V6 Inform format), with some bugs included... The source code is included in the package... The version 1.2 of DS-Frotz includes :
a multi-game main menu,
a multi-interface inputs : graffiti or keyboard (no voice recognition yet, sorry...),
and a brand new text-completion functionality.

includes a lot of games, but you can now put your own games to your cart...

Change log (2.0 beta1):
new features:
- new double-screen display mode
- user backgrounds and icons available
- debugged azerty/qwerty keyboards
- border_zone, trinity and freefall working fine
- user-modifiable keywords and abbreviations
- a lot of bugs exterminated

known bugs and limitations:
- user fonts not yet implemented
- inline keywords userlist not yet implemented
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