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ApprenticeMinusDS 0.2.6

ApprenticeMinusDS is a Sega Master System / GameGear Emulator for the Nintendo DS.
At first this was only made to debug the ARM assembler Z80 core used in jEnesisDS, but with a little work put into it, this can actually be used to play some games now.

Change log (0.2.6):
Enhanced Z80 ASM core used in jEnesisDS.
- SMS/GG emulation.
- 10 Savestates per game.
- Rewind and fast forward feature.
- Settings can be saved per game.
- Fully rendered by the DS 2D hardware.
- Perfect sync option, that actually syncs every scanline (emulated scanline to DS scanline). This option is more accurate, and needed for some games to look correctly, but it can be problematic to use it, when "Rewind" is enabled.
- sample accurate (almost ;P) PSG emulation.
- Stereo sound for GG games.
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