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a7800DS2 1.0

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Ok, you wanted it, so here it is!
This is a DSTwo exclusive vesrion of the Atari 7800 emulator.
The difference between DS (not DSi) version of a7800a, well this one is full speed but sound is not really nice (thanks to Dstwo sdk) ...°...
It's based on ProSystem emulator and of course, the source code is released because it's not my source code

To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a78/bin format.
Do not ask me about such files, I don't have them. A search with Google will certainly help you.

Controls :
• Direction pad : the joystick ...
• A : Fire button 1
• B : Fire button 2
• START : START Button
• R : RESET Button (yes R like Reset tongue.gif)

Change log (1.0):
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