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Latest iEdge cheats CUSTOM June 2012 *Pokemon black and white 2 (J)*!!

The latest cheat file, but I added some codes for Pokemon Black (U), sonic colors (E), added to the ones on Mario Kart (U), and more!

Note: this is the only Edge cheat database to have the US version of Pokemon black/white!

delete the numbers before "cheats.dat" in the name, and then save it to the /EDGE folder, replacing the old file.

Change log (June 2012 *Pokemon black and white 2 (J)*!!):
Update 6/27/12:
Added codes for the Japanese versions of Pokemon White 2 and Pokemon Black 2!

Update 3/29/11:
Pokemon white users will be happy to see that I have created some Pokemon White (US) cheats!
There aren't a whole lot, but I will try to add more.

Update 3/27/11:
Revised many of the cheats in Pokemon Black (US) and added a bit more. I hope to add new cheats for Pokemon white, but I don't have the game to test them (yet).
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