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DeadSkullzJr's Usrcheat Database 1.0

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DeadSkullzJr's Usrcheat Database 1.5
This is a cheat file for Nintendo DS flashcarts. The file is known as usrcheat.dat which contains Action Replay cheat codes for your favorite Nintendo DS titles.

Usrcheat.dat can be used for:
- Acekard 2i
- R4i SDHC Dual Core (All models)
- R4i SDHC Gold Pro (All models)
- R4i SDHC RTS Lite (All models)
- R4i Gold EU 3DS
- R4i Gold 3DS RTS
- R4i Gold 3DS Plus (RTS)
- SuperCard DSONE
- SuperCard DSONE v3
- SuperCard DSONEi
- SuperCard DSONEi Mini
- SuperCard DSTWO
- SuperCard DSTWO Plus
- Ace3DS
- Ace3DS Plus
- Ace3DS X
- Stargate 3DS

Change log (1.0):
v1.0 - November 8, 2017
1. Updated and fixed the game titles
2. Fixed all the game ID's
3. Cleaned up cheats for:
- Pokemon Platinum (USA)
- Pokemon HeartGold (USA)
4. Added Cheats for:
- Pokemon HeartRed (v0.4.7.5) (USA)
- Pokemon Blaze Black 2 (Complete v1.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Blaze Black 2 (Vanilla v1.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Volt White 2 (Complete v1.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Volt White 2 (Vanilla v1.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Perfect Heart (v1.0) (USA)
- Pokemon Perfect Soul (v1.0) (USA)
- Pokemon Yin Black (v3.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Yang White (v3.1) (USA, Europe)
- Pokemon Bloody Platinum (v1.0) (USA)
- Pokemon Light Platinum (Christmas English v0.1.4) (Spain)
- Pokemon Light Platinum (Christmas Spanish v0.1.4) (Spain)
- Pokemon Light Platinum (English v0.1.5) (Spain)
- Pokemon SacredGold (Classic v1.05) (USA)
- Pokemon SacredGold (Complete v1.05) (USA)
- Pokemon StormSilver (Classic v1.05) (USA)
- Pokemon StormSilver (Complete v1.05) (USA)
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