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Xsystem 2a

a semi os / filebrowser. It is like DS-DOS, this is in early alpha stage.

Know bugs:
Keyboard is not drawn properbly.
BFI can't find files.

Bug Fixed:

Bug Fixed for next Release:
ECHO command works now probably.

DOS_STLYED VERSION CANCLED: (Source). Please give credit to every ones work in this project.

Things to do for next release:
Make menu.
Make brainfuck interpreter to work.

EMC player (Eponasoft Media Codec).
Make woopsi keyboard.
Make textwritter.
Make console window.
Make all dos commands to work.
Other little add-ons.

version 0.2a:

File Browser.
JPEG viewer (gba-jpeg) (max size 256 * 256).
Brainfuck Interpreter.
Text viewer.
GUI (woopsi GUI).
NDS launcher (Link's rebootlib).
Debug Console.

Change log (2a):
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