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Wood dumper tools wifi r30 slot 2 r20

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wooddumper r89

This is a bundle of the wood dumping tools used to dump DS roms. Wifi and slot 2 aka GBA slot tools are available (DLDI capable rather than 3 in 1 or similar).

Change log (wifi r30 slot 2 r20):
- wooddumper (r30)
- wooddumper_slot2 (r27)


- wooddumper is a FTP server app. It waits for connection from FTP client
(supports passive transfer mode) or common Internet browsers (tested with
Firefox and IE8). Server IP address is displayed on NDS top screen. It
expects connection on port 21, login/pass can be anything. Resume is
supported. Client disconnection is required for changing card to be dumped.

- wooddumper_slot2 requires DLDI-patching for your specific Slot-2 device.
If you are launching it afterwards from a Slot-1 device, BE SURE to disable
the Slot-1 device auto-patching feature. OR simply DLDI-patch with your
Slot-2 driver, then block the DLDI area from subsequent patching by using
the "dldinoap" tool (, recommended for the most up to
date DLDI drivers).

- wooddumper tools are open source:

No-Intro 2010.
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