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Wee Basic 0.81

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Version 0.81

QUOTE(Thanks to banana joe and montesquou)

- revamped load screen now lists files in the root directory for you to select (no more typing in file names)
- more colours added to lines and plots
black 1
blue 2
green 3
cyan 4
red 5
magenta 6
brown 7
white 8
gray 9
light blue 10
light green 11
light cyan 12
light red 13
light magenta 14
yellow 15
bright white 16
(colour 0 deletes)
- new sprite functions to flip vertically and horizontally:
* hflip ,
* vflip ,
- for/next now has a step parameter (the step parameter is added in square brackets):
for = to []
eg for i = 10 to 1 [-2], for j= 10 to 100 [10]
- you can now use ‘;’ with print to keep on the same line (see sample program)
- new math functions added: sqr, pi, asin, acos, atan, sinh, tanh, cosh and abs
eg let x=pi, let s=sqr(5)+pi-tanh(10)+abs(-10)
- fixed: label errors
- fixed: crash when file is loaded that exceeds editor capacity

Change log (0.81):
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