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Wee Basic 0.81

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version 0.5

To use the demo program,put Wee and the mp3 file and demo.txt into the root directory of your card.
Then load the demo in Wee Basic, press A or start to run and enjoy!
Don't forget to DLDI patch Wee for your card.

The mp3 file is from a palib example - please let me know if anyone has a problem with this and I will remove it.


- improvements to editor: delete and cursor


1. Sounds

- playmp3 [string] {string is file name or string variable containing the file name}

plays an mp3 file

- pausemp3

pauses the playing of an mp3 file

- contmp3

continues a paused mp3 file

2. Microphone

- micrec

records from the microphone
will automatically stop recording when buffer is full so no need to manually stop recording

- micpla

plays whatever has been previously recorded from the microphone

i copied the manual off the homepage and included it with the zip

Description inherited from version

Change log (0.81):
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