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U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test 8/17/2011

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Whether you're thinking about applying for U.S. citizenship, or just interested in American civics, the U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test for DS is just for you. Study on the go. Practice and review multiple-choice questions about the American government, history, geography and more.

An entry into the Neoflash Coding Competition 2011

Standard & Poor's gives this app a "AA+"!

•Fully-voiced questions from the official U.S.A. Naturalization test
•Up-to-date list of elected officials (as of August 2011)
•Bonus content including a Presidents Gallery and U.S. State Capitals quiz
•Music including "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "Hail to the Chief"
•Rumble Pak support
Tested working with Acekard 2, and NO$GBA

This app requires DLDI. You have the option to not use it, but the app will not work correctly without it (do so at your own risk).

Change log (8/17/2011):
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