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TuneItDS 8/20/11

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This application is intended for any full-time guitar users, whether they be casual players or performers, TuneItDS is an essential tool in tuning your guitar. Equipped with 14 different tuning styles and the interface you would find in a modn guitar tuner, you may use the device to freely tune your devices. After all, there's nothing more embarrassing than an unkept guitar!

How To Play
1. Download a copy of the ROM here.
2. Put the ROM onto your flash card via an SD card or external drive.
3. Load the ROM off the firmware.

Up/Down - Move the selected string
Left/Right - Change the tuning style
Touch screen - Select a specific string
TuneItDS supports DSMotion as well, so tilting your DS Forward/Backward/Left/Right emulates the effects of the Up/Down/Left/Right physical inputs, respectively.

Richard "zhangzi89" Zhang

Daniel "x711Li" Li

Graphic Design
Jason "diSTurBedDeSIGNs" West

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Change log (8/20/11):
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