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Stop Watch DS 0.2

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The name says it all - it's a stopwatch.

Why make one? Well, usually when you have a digital stopwatch, you have access to a few functions: the time, the date and the stopwatch itself, but you can only use one function at a time. Not only that, but most stopwatches have a limit of 5 lap times! Another problem with traditional stopwatches is that sometimes you can accidentally press the reset button and loose all your lap times.

This stopwatch shows you everything - the date, the current time, total time of all laps and up to 48 laps on the top screen! The reset function locks itself when the stopwatch is in-use, so you'll never loose your lap times again. It's easy-to-use for anyone and it has a nice "tick" to it.


Future plans regarding the project:

* Miliseconds support
* Counting the time difference between laps
* Nicer graphical GUI, hopefuly with an "analog" watch face and watch hands in addition to the digital display

Change log (0.2):
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