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Sprite Editor DS 0.4

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Friends of the pixel art, rejoice!

Finally all the improvements to my Sprite Editor DS since late 2008 combined, controlled and documented in version 0.4 :

After a year of development a bit all over the place, I am pleased to announce the launch of the new version of my favorite graphics editor for the DS: SEDS.

The program offers the ability to edit "horse" in two blocks with the all-new mode "slider" that you appear with the R button. I also added a "quick palette" in the grid, more ergonomic and allows to reorganize the color palette or import via wifi colors from any image.

A lot of improvements in the management of memory, larger files, which can mix 16x16 and 32x32 blocks, consistent with the level editor, and a library LGPL to use all that stuff in your programs.

Obviously, the controls of the previous version are still valid. There is still only 4 files directly manipulated by the editor format. spr (loaded with START + L + (ABXY) and saved with START + R + (ABXY)), but a backup system automatically arranges the previous file contents in / data / seds if you ever decide to quit. One can also simply rewrite the edited file with START + R + R

The animation editor (L + SELECT) is still rudimentary, and the panel editor (SELECT) also

PS: The connection to the program of import / export by Wifi (runme) is provided for supporting the extension linkers silly "ARGV" recent devkitpro. do not click "QUIT" port yet.

Pixelez bien ^_^ Pixel well ^ _ ^

Change log (0.4):
Full palette editor and more ergonomic
Mirror functions, superimposed images and rapid filling (L + B)
Reorganization and color reduction (undocumented)
Compatibility with animations produced by Animed .
32x32 or 16x16 edition, anywhere on the sheet of sprites.
Mini-integrated animation editor
Integrated Help (L + R)
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