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Raw Sound Player 2005 Neo Coding Compo Release

Raw Sound Player for DS
by Extreme Coder
Usage: Unzip the file to a folder. Drop the .raw files in the same folder, and run group.bat .

Sox: If you want to convert your wav to raw( or any other file that sox supports), type:

sox filename.wav -r 11025 filename.raw

Lame: If you want to convert your mp3 to raw, type:

lame -resample 11.025 --decode filename.mp3 filename.raw

NOTE: you have to convert your files to 11025 bitrate, and 16bit.
Things to expect in future versions:

Add mp3 encoder for native mp3 support.
Add support for multiple bitrates.


Neoflash Compo.

Change log (2005 Neo Coding Compo Release):
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