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PixelFixer for NDS and DS2 1.0

What it does:
It flashes the screen in different colors, hopefully to unstuck some pixels.

Install for NDS(requires ARGV support):
-copy PixelFixer.nds to sd card, anywhere

Install for DS2:
Using Menus with ARGV support (iMenu, BAGPlug, etc):
-copy PixelFixer.plg and pixelFixer.asm to sd card (must be same folder)
-run PixelFixer.plg

Using Standard Plugin Menu:
-copy PixelFixer.plg and pixelFixer.asm to the _dstwoplug folder
-run PixelFixer.plg

-Press R to swap screens
-Press Start to end program (DS2 can exit back to menu)

The source is the pixelFixer.asm file that comes in the DS2 folder, it can be viewed
with a standard text editor. With the DS2 version, people can make their own changes, like adding more
colors, or modifying the existing ones by editing the source code.

Change log (1.0):
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