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NDS-SAVES to SLOT-2 can make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and it can also restore them.

- backups/restores savedata from almost all Nintendo DS games
- this tool doesn't require Wi-Fi, FTP nor 3-in-1 expansions
- it only runs from SLOT-2 flashcards (previously DLDI patched)
- compatible with Pokémon HG/SS and Pokémon B/W

This tool only works when ran from SLOT-2 flashcards, it's based on what Pokedoc released some months ago. However, his method needs Wi-Fi+FTP or a 3-in-1 expansion. My application (which is mostly based on his code) uses old SLOT-2 flashcards to achieve the same as Pokedoc: make backups of Pokémon HG/SS/B/W savegames.

Change log (1.0):
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