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NDS Music Player 9-15-11

I have here a homebrew I have been working on for the past few days. It uses fincs' SSEQ Player to play the music. I added a file browser that atm is most likey still buggy. browse your cart for a NDS game that uses SSEQ music. press a to open and then it will read for the SDAT data and then build a list of all SSEQs in the SDAT. then browse for the SSEQ to play and press A.

This is like alpha software here, didn't really test for bugs and make it better yet. just excited i got it to actually play the music off the ROMs.

I like to thank fincs' for the SSEQ Player, and KiC, FAST6191, and pleonex for helping me figure out how to access files on a NDS ROM.

Change log (9-15-11):
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