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MoonShell (Lite Pack) 2.03

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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Moonlight has released a "stable" (read: non-beta) version of MoonShell 2.03. The full download is 50MB, but this "lite" pack has been stripped of all extraneous files and is 23MB. Only the absolute bare minimum files needed to run MoonShell 2 are included in this package:

- moonshl2 folder (and its contents)
- moonshl2.nds
- moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds
- LanguageSelect.nds (not actually needed to run MoonShell 2, but you need it to set your preferred language)

I'm not exactly sure what the difference between "moonshl2.nds" and "moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds" is, as they both boot into MoonShell when I load them. I couldn't find any reference to "DirectBoot" in the Japanese readme, so I left both of them in this "lite" pack just in case.

Note about the screenshot: The "neko" skin in the screenshot can be found in the "moonshl2\\\\\\\\internal" folder.

If you want any of the other files associated with MoonShell 2, please download the full version from Moonlight's website:

Change log (2.03):
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