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MoonShell (Full Pack) 2.10 beta 3

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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Multimedia player for the Nintendo DS. Plays DPG movies, somewhat all audio files, etc.
this includes everything.

Change log (2.10 beta 3):
Target file '/moonshl2/language/messages.000'.
Added. TV_SelEnc_Title=Please choose the text encoding type.
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_AutoDetect=Auto detect
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_ANSI=ANSI 8bit (Translation unnecessary)
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_EUC=EUC/S-JIS (Translation unnecessary)
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_UTF16BE=UTF-16 (BE) (Translation unnecessary)
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_UTF16LE=UTF-16 (LE) (Translation unnecessary)
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_UTF8=UTF-8 (Translation unnecessary)
Added. TV_SelEnc_Items_TextEdit=Boot text editor.
Added. TV_SelEnc_Help_Normal=Press A to OK, B to cancel.
Added. TV_SelEnc_Help_NoEdit0=The file that exceeds 128kbyte
Added. TV_SelEnc_Help_NoEdit1=cannot be edited.

And, update '/misctools/LanguageFileChecker_for_MoonShell210.exe'.

Please forgive the change that happens one after another.
Really sorry...
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