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MoonShell (English) 2.00 beta.05

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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Released 09 February 2009
Created by Moonlight/Infantile Paralysiser
MoonShell 2 GUI, skin, all text files translated by Densetsu3000
Graphic editing/Skinned by Toni Plutonij

- English is now the default GUI/skin language.
- Check the "Misc ToolsExtras" folder to add extra functionality to MoonShell 2.
- The "Extras" folder also contains a version of GBA ExpLoader specially adapted for MoonShell2 by Rudolph. View the Readme in that folder for details.
- Soft-reset files for DSLink and R4 included in the "moonshl2resetmse" folder (also by Rudolph). If anyone knows how to create soft-reset files for other flashcarts, please submit them for inclusion into this release. You will, of course, be credited.
- You can make screen captures of the GUI by holding down SELECT for 3 seconds. MoonShell 2 will freeze afterwards, but this is normal. Simply shut down and reboot. The screencaps will be found on the root of your MicroSD card. If you take multiple screencaps, a number will be appended to the image filenames in sequential order.
- All documentation and readme files that were originally in Japanese were translated into English without the use of online translations; just hardcore knowledge of the Japanese language and native fluency in English. So if you take the time to read them, they'll actually make sense and you might discover things that you may have missed about MoonShell 2. So read them, Moonlight and Rudolph didn't write them for fun :)

[reason for edit: title - people should know this is a alternate release which entails more functionality even before they click the link]

Change log (2.00 beta.05):
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