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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Edition (update)

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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This is the lastest version available called "Child Edition"
Just replace moonshell 2.10 files on your microSD with the one provided in the zip file.

Change log (2.10 Stable Child Edition (update)):
Moonlight wrote this on his blog : "when i was a child, i often used earphones so it's strongly recommended to apply this update."

Here is an Engrish translation of the Japanese readme.txt :

This update package is a package only for the tone quality improvement. When ROMEO2 is used, the update is unnecessary because the sound is originally good.
Moreover, the tone quality improvement is the one like the error margin. It is a really slight difference. An excessive expectation is a taboo.

How to update : Please copy the superscription onto MicroSD in which MoonShellVer2.10stable is installed.
Everything can be used as it is excluding the overwrited file (configuration file and skin file, etc.).

How to check the version : In the file list, press the START button, the first line of the screen under "for child" has been updated correctly if it is written

Coverage: It only is 32768Hz, 44100Hz, and 48000Hz effective. It is not because of being effective in all music the file though all almost mp3 files are this any. (22050Hz is originally safe. )

Attention: It becomes considerably heavy for the tone quality improvement like the error margin. I think that the usage of reproducing heavy music data like M4A/AAC/WMA as listening to music opening the image almost becomes impossible. (maybe skip [shimakurimasu])Moreover, because it was a schedule of unopening to the public for me, a claptrap change might been done. Do the touch panel while the screen saver is executed, and ..drinking.. [ken] seems to have the slime bucket indeed.

Especially, please update it when you make the child who is using the earphone well use it.
(I think that it is safe to make them listen to the sound in which the ear is not hurt as much as possible up to now though bargain MP3 player and equal sound is emitted. )
There is originally no influence, and it doesn't worry and be safe because it is away from the ear if it listens by the DS internal speaker.


The acquisition of DateTime manages to be slow and I want to do.
The bug that stopped when there was no Splash.ani was mended.
LPF/15kHz was added. (44kHz and 48kHz)The quantization error margin dithering was added.
The noise gate was added.
An accurate volume curve was added.
The touch panel was done as well as PhoneSwitch while executing the screen saver by the file list.
The Bass/Treble equalizer adjustment of the music player was added up and down and R button + right and left. (Only 32768/44100/48000Hz. )
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