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Moonshell 2.10 Child Zwai (Chadrcheze Edition) 2.0

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This Is A Working Moonshell 2.10 Child Zwai Program. Everything Is Original From The Moonlight Creators Website, Plus My Favorite Splash And Skin Files, Minus A Text Folder "予測変換辞書の記号リスト" Which For Some Reason Keeps The Setup.exe From Working.

(Disclaimer) I Take No Credit For The Moonshell, Splash.ini, Or Skins Contained Within This Folder. I Am Simply Uploading Them Because The One On Is Not Working

Change log (2.0):
Reorganized The Folders And Gave The Splash File A Proper Name "Bleach Hollowfied Ichigo Splash.. So It Won't Have Any Problem Installing. Just Replace The Splash File With It's Origional And Drag The Extended Skins To The Moonshell Folder. And Your All Set.
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