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MoonShell 2.08

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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Multimedia player for the Nintendo DS. Plays DPG movies, somewhat all audio files, etc.

Change log (2.08):
About system
The simple start password was able to be set. Please refer to '/misctools/SetPassword/SetPassword.exe'. This is near the joke function.
The NDS file of '4032 to 4077kbyte' can be started. for MyMeloDS.
A very poor English explanation was added to '/moonshl2/moonshl2.ini'.
The bug that did not recognize 'DS browser enhancing memory' was corrected.
[edit]About file list
'HideAttribute_Archive, HideAttribute_Hidden, HideAttribute_System, HideAttribute_ReadOnly' was added to the [DiskAdapter] section of moonshl2.ini. The show is switched to hide by the file attribute.
[edit]About audio player
A music player near the DPG player was added. Please push A button for a long time with the MP3 file of the file list. Or. Show selection menu with the SELECT button. And, choose the audio player.
The bug to which 'WMA/32kbps/22kHz' was not able to do the decipherment correctly was corrected.
'IgnorePlayMode_AlwaysOne_FromUserRequest' was added to the [PlayList] section of moonshl2.ini.
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