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MoonShell 2.00 beta.10

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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TextReader: The bug that the information text doesn't become 100% was corrected.
FileList and TextReader: The loop scroll was added.
FileList: The bug that stopped because of error (#10802) by the playlist that moved the file was corrected.
ImageViewer: The cursor key was made an acceleration movement.
DPGPlayer: The bug to which DPG was not able to do the decipherment with EZ5 was corrected.
System: The correct version judgment check was done.
DPGPlayer: About the DPG file made with a very old encoder. The bug that might stop because of the decipherment error(#16001) was corrected.
FileList: About the environment without the MoonMemo folder. The file list abnormality bug was corrected.
MemoList: Added MemoFileDeleter. (with START button long press.)
SkinFile: MemoList_BG.bmp added.
DPGEncoder: The stability of dpgenc.exe has been improved.
DPGEncoder: When encoding. It bundles it as a jacket image if there is a picture file of the same name.
FileList: When the button of the MP3 control bar is pushed long, music is seeking.
MiscTools: JacketImageConverter was added. The jacket image can be appended to the music files.
System: Support Korean language in official package.
MiscTools: ThumbnailIconMaker was added. The thumbnail icon can be appended to the image files.

WindowSystem: The position is auto-adjusted by the width of the item. SSC_ScreenSaverXXX, SSC_ScreenSaverBGXXX, ICS_StartPosXXX, TCS_TopScrModeXXX.
LangFile: MemoList_Title, MemoList_Help0, MemoList_Help1, MemoList_Help2, MemoList_Help3, TV_Popup_MoveToTop, TV_Popup_MoveToLast, FL_Popup_NotFoundMoonMemoFolder added.
LangFile: Setup_LRClickLongSeek, CS_LRClickLongSeek, CS_DisableLRKeyOnPanelClosed deleted.
LangFile: CS_LRKeyLockTitle, CS_LRKeyLockAlwayOff, CS_LRKeyLockRelationalPanel, CS_LRKeyLockAlwayOn added.

Change log (2.00 beta.10):
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