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Moonshell 2.00 beta.07

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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The mistake of me that the skin file was old was corrected.
There was a memory leak bug in the screen saver setup screen.
HomeBrew (Soft reset is included) was not able to be executed.
When you have play music while displaying the text or the image. Next music did not start though the music ended.
'BBtnStop.txt' did not work correctly. It was start again.
When you open the folder with a lot of files. Music interrupted.
There was a bug that was not able to be loaded from the GBA cartridge. (with EZ4 and SC...)
About EZV. There was 'Black box' in 'left-up on bottom screen'.
There was a memory leak bug when deleting a file with the playlist.
Program of sound effect. There was an illegal variable reading.
Program of owner draw window. There was an NULL pointer access.
I supported to each 'auto DLDI patch specification' for R4, AK2, AKRPG, SCDSONE, etc...
The play icon 'FL_Double_ItemBG_PlayIcon.png' is on the file information. The skin was corrected.
'SSC_Use24hFormat, CS_EnableFileInfo' was added to the language file. This is not used now.

Officially supported English translation
messages.000 for English by Densetsu3000.

Tips. When the language.set file is rewritten when you make an original package, the default language can be specified.

Setting up English Language:
Install Moonshell as normal. Copy the file "LanguageSelect.exe" to the root of your microSD. Run the file and select the drive letter for your microSD. Once the interface launches, select English and click "Save."

This translation is not perfect. Some things have been literally translated and as a result they run off the screen. New translations (as well as fixed versions) can be submitted to

Change log (2.00 beta.07):
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