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MoonShell 2.00 beta.03

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MoonShell 2.10 Stable Child Zwai Edition (Full Package)
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Moonshell 2.00 beta 3.

Added the ability to pause video upon closing the lid of the DS.
Added support for cleartype fonts (default off) (テキストリーダーのクリアタイプフォント対応した。(標準ではOFFになっています))
Added DLDI support for carts that do not support auto DLDI patching.
Added memory test on bootup.
Added MOD plugin (mod/it/mtm/s3m/xm/669/med/stm/amf/gdm/ult/uni/asy/imf/okt/stx), the author stresses it is alpha quality.
Added a plugin for GIF pictures
Added some more soft reset support (return to your cart firmware)
Added options the SwapDisp.txt to scroll the screen up or down the file list. (SwapDisp.txt ファイルリストの上下画面を入れ替えます。)

Reduced the amount of memory the plugin system used.
Backlight does not immediately turn off on the lower screen when first playing a video.
MDX deleted due to issues with the plugin
BBtnStop.txt the B button can stop playback during the playback of a list of files.
CarSuply.txt adds a "car mode" (think "party mode" of various media players) (CarSuply.txt 車載向け設定になります。)
Clust64k.txt deals with special cases of disk formatting (read the file before using).
ChkDskT1.txt is able to log details of the disc check.
POffMEnd.txt adds a shutdown after playback finished feature (single song or playlist).
Use M4A.txt to enable AAC/m4a plugins, capable of playback of most AAC files.
Run ignore16.txt to force the adapter to ignore the memory card/similar (not recommended)

Fixed a bug with multiple keys being pressed in quick sucession (複数のキーをほぼ同時に押すと誤動作するバグを仮修正した。)
Fixed a stack overflow bug with the MP3 decoder.
Fixed a bug in the new bootloader, should be slightly faster.

Release post (Japanese language)

Change log (2.00 beta.03):
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