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MoonShell 1.1

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Version 1.1

Change log (1.1):
DPGPlugin:Include MP2 and GSM decoder of DPG. (for old DPG files)
PNGPlugin:It corresponded to the stream reading.
BMPPlugin:It corresponded to the stream reading.
The maximum reduction rate of the image has been improved from 50% to 25%.
The clock was changed to 24 hour system.
The total of the number of files display was limited only to a pure files.
An external plug-in (MSP format) can be dynamically load.
The font file is dynamically substituted. refer to CreateFontPackage.exe.
The processing when synchronization is lost can be chosen. Refer to [DPGPlugin] section of global.ini.
Flexible was added to ClosedSholderButton of global.ini. It pushes simultaneously and the operation of L+R.
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