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MIDI Control DS v2

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MIDI Control DS is a complete MIDI controller for the Nintendo DS.

It includes 4 modes :

X/Y Mode : send 2 parameters for the X/Y positions of the stylus, with a loop feature to record 1 bar loops and recall them.

Pads : MPC style pads with velocity and note repeat

Mixer : 8 sliders for volume and 8 mute buttons

Sliders : 3 banks of 16 slider controllers with customizable colors.

EDIT : it seems people are having issues with a few older flashcards. If you encounter such problems, please post a comment about it here, describing :
- Model of your DS
- Model of your flashcard
- Firmware/Kernel version of your Flashcard
- What happens exactly on screen, from the moment you load the program to the moment it freezes/crashes

Change log (v2):
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