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GBA ExpLoader 0.58b

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GBA ExpLoader 0.58b0
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We advise NOT using it on any form of EZ4 though it supposedly has support.

GBA Exploader (formerly 3in1 ExpPack tool) used by many flash cart owners to support the 3 in 1 (all versions) from EZFlash.

See included text files for usage guide.

Change log (0.58b):
This version fixes a bug with the Flash 512Kbit save type used in several notable games and adds tentative support for the recently announced EZFlash 3 in 1 plus. It appears the support is the same and it will not support the full 512Mbit in available on the 3 in 1 plus this time around edition but the same 256Mbit/32Mbytes (such a feat requires quite some work to do).
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