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GBA ExpLoader 0.57

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GBA ExpLoader 0.58b0
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< correction point >
&#65381; The injustice of the stamp value of the time of SAVE is corrected again.
&#65381; The SAVE data of Famicom Mini(Classic NES) is changed to the same form as VBA.
SAVE of Famicom Mini has become not compatible with the current (Gomen).
Tentatively, because the nature like the stripe did, matching it to VBA :. (However, either might be originally correct. )

< already-known problem >
&#65381;Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku (E/U) doesn't operate.
&#65381;SAVE cannot be done by Digi Communication 2.
&#65381;SAVE of the Flash1M faction is not supported with M3 GBA Expansion Pack.

Change log (0.57):
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