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GBA ExpLoader 0.5 (final)

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GBA ExpLoader 0.58b0
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QUOTE(Rudolph)The bug disappeared because it became a formal version and operation was steady.
It is not decided it in the translation (It is the self-..mere function side.. satisfactory).

Thank you really for you who cooperated in the verification.

「GBA ExpLoader V0.5」

< main correction point >
??&#65381;EEPROM_V122 and an undefined type of Famicom Mini(Classic NES) are supported.
???Starting EEPROM_V122 and an undefined type of Mini with Ver ahead
?? Please delete the SGN file of the correspondence once.
??&#65381;The trouble of the initialization after it sets it to "DS vibration cartridge" is corrected.
??&#65381;It is corrected that the creation date of the directory is put.
??&#65381;The SAV file when the file name of GBA is a short name (normal-width eight characters + .GBA)
?? The point that was not able to be recognized is corrected. ?&#8594; I am sorry for Mr. weep and correspondence's slowing.

It becomes obstinacy, and the patch of all SAVE types that can be known has been made.
"Enhancing cartridge" that cannot be correctly supported cannot be verified because it doesn't own it.
Therefore, as a formal version in this.
Timatima and the version are scheduled to be raised when working out the bugs.

Change log (0.5 (final)):
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