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FPS Maker 1.0

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FPS Maker 8/26/12
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FPS Maker is in essence a first person shooter-type game engine for the DS accompanied by an embedded level editor. The idea is to allow people to make their own games on the go.
The current version is functional but not quite complete as a few features are missing from the editor itself (the material editor mostly) and a whole lot of the engine's features are only partly implemented. Nethertheless, I was able to use the editor this morning to in only a few hours create ACOTSYE.

I'll add a more in-depth documentation later, i need to get some sleep right now. But for eager learners, I've included which is the basically source file for ACOTSYE's world, so you can try and learn from that in the meantime !
Also, here's an overview of the tools at your disposal (more will appear depending on what you've selected) :

Change log (1.0):
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