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Enigma NDS 1.0

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Before you a simulator of the Enigma machine. The Enigma machine is the machine that the Germans used to encrypt their communications in World War 2. In our case, we simulate the original version of the Enigma, which worked with 3 rotors, selected from five possible to configure the position and number of rotor and also simulate the role of steckers (a front panel that allowed a previous permutation encryption). Participate in the Scenery Beta 2011 .

Theoretically, the application allows you to encrypt text with a key (rotors, the rotor position and configuration of steckers) and if then the text shown above, the ciphertext is re-encrypted with the same key, you get original text. That is, if you figure "HELLO", and the machine will figure as "OIIQ" then if we put the rotors in the position they were when we encrypt "HELLO" if encrypt "OIIQ" should appear on the screen decrypted text: "Hello."

Change log (1.0):
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